ZKANN: A Possible Solution to the Content Problem

  • by: Dasset
  • On: 14, Aug 2020
9 min read
10 min read

ZKANN: A Possible Solution to the Content Problem

The article below is a republishing by Ross Ulbright. Original article here.  I read this article recently, and I have an idea for how to solve the problem it presents. The article is about how WhatsA...

11 min read

The Known (and possible) Influences of Satoshi Nakamoto Part 1 – Privately-issued, Digital Currencies Before Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto remains an obscure character. Although little is known of his influences and motivations for creating bitcoin, this two-part article series seeks to explore both his technological inf...

7 min read

Did Money Originate with the Nation State?

In his 1871 book Principles of Economics, the economist Carl Menger described the circumstances in which money is likely to have come about for the very first time “without the need for a special agre...

7 min read

Inflation and bitcoin block reward halving

“[Bitcoin’s] finite and diminishing issuance creates a fixed monetary supply that resists inflation.”1   Inflation is the phenomenon that occurs when each unit of money has a reduced buying power. We ...


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